Research Seminars in Industrial Organization (Econ 731/32)
and Business Economics

Schedule - 1998/99

Research Seminars in Industrial Organization (Econ 731/32)
and Business Economics
Provisional Schedule - 1998/99 

Date Speaker From Topic
Sep 11 Organizational Meeting UM All doctoral students enrolled in the seminar required to attend.
Sep 18 Judy Chevalier U Chicago Business School "Career Concerns of Mutual Fund Managers" (with Glenn Ellison),   Joint with Theory Seminar (presented during the IO time slot)
Sep 25 David Butz UM  "Dealers As Inventory Managers".  Room D1205 BusAd
Oct 2 Chan Song UM "Examining a Link between Trade and Competition Policies", IO seminar
Oct 9 Art Snow  U of Georgia "The Marginal Costs of Raising Tax Revenue and Redistributing Income".  Room D1205 BusAd
Oct 16 Wally Mullin Michigan State University "Predation and Its Rate of Return: The Sugar Industry, 1887-1914" With David Genesove.  IO seminar. (Note: Online version does not contain figures.  Copy on reserve in Foster Library does contain figures.)
Oct 23 Taehoon Youn UM "The Role of Licensing in a Vertically-Differentiated Product Market". IO seminar
Oct 30 Tom Hubbard UCLA "Governance Structure in the Deregulated Trucking Industry".  Business Economics seminar.  Room D1205 BusAd
Nov 6 Tom Ross  U British Columbia and U of Toronto Business Economics seminar
Nov 13 Scott Fay UM  "Competition between firms that bundle" (with Jeff MacKie-Mason),  IO seminar
Nov 20 Sara Fisher Ellison MIT  "What Prices Can Tell Us About the Market for Antibiotics", Business Economics seminar.
Dec 4 Eric Friedman Rutgers University  "Learning and Implementation on the Internet".  IO seminar
Dec 11 Otto Toivanen  Helsinki School of Economics and MIT "Market structure and entry: where's the beef?"  Room D1205 BusAd

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