Seminar Schedule

There are more topics listed than we will cover each year.  Extra topics are a good source of project ideas.

 Under each topic is a link called "Resources", to a page of readings and resources. Required readings are indicated. Everyone should read at least some of the optional readings (they are not listed in priority order -- choose based on your interests). You should also be continuously exploring the net for other material of relevance.

 Also under each topic there is a "Discussion Topic". You are expected to prepare before class for discussion on that topic. These are the topics for the memo assignments.

 Assignment due dates are not indicated here because they are different for everyone. Click here for the due dates.

SECTION I: Policy Consequences of Information Technology Choices

14 Sept: Introduction to Information Policy Issues
21 Sept: Technologies and Network Architecture
28 Sept: Allocating public information resources
5 Oct: Monopoly leveraging:  Gates forever?  (NOTE special class time: 6-9pm)
12 Oct: Internet governance: Who's in charge here?

SECTION II: Individual, Society and Information Content

19 Oct: Individual in cyber society
26 Oct: No class this week

5 Nov: Free speech, censorship, pornography and all that

9 Nov: Copyright and intellectual property: Does information want to be free?
16 Nov: Electronic FOIA: Public records and private information

SECTION III: Networks and Markets

23 Nov: Local vs. long distance competition
30 Nov: Internet Telephony: Revolution or aberration?
7 Dec: Universal access
14 Dec: Term project due


Information war and security

Cryptography and trade policy

Digital libraries

Software patents

Year 2000

Who owns personal information?

Children's TV

Cable TV pricing and competition

National Information Infrastructure: What role for government?

Characteristics of information networks
A geodesic network?
Standards & Innovation
Miscellaneous Topics

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